Case Studies

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PROJECT – Gympie Residence
PRODUCT USED – TF001 Blackbutt Engineered Timber Floor
VALUE OF HOME – 1 million

The homeowners in Gympie were looking for a Hampton style home that is characterized by a classic, timeless look that is both relaxed and elegant. This style of interior design is inspired by the traditional beach houses of Long Island, New York. The color palette typically includes whites, blues, and sandy hues to create a bright, airy atmosphere.

To achieve this look we propose the. Australian Blackbutt timber flooring which is an excellent choice for Hampton style homes due to its unique grain patterns and texture which adds warmth and character to any space. It also has a natural resistance to wear and tear which makes it ideal for high traffic areas. The
natural honey tones of Blackbutt timber flooring will bring out the best in your Hampton style home while adding a touch of elegance.

LOCATION – Mansfield,QLD

PRODUCT USED – 6.5h Kahlua Latte 


Rochedale, Brisbane Case Study

LOCATION – Brisbane City, Australia


BUILDER – Affordable Home


The client was after a floor for their new home in Rochedale, Brisbane. The family of 5 wanted to move to a new area that had a good school for children and Rochedale provide a clean, peaceful and quiet atmosphere. The client wanted their new home to be comfortable, warm and lovely to live in.

LUXO Floors Oat was chosen, as the new homeowner wanted a flooring product that provided a warm, aesthetic and modern look. Also the hybrid flooring being low in maintenance, it is waterproof, scratch resistant and stable against temperature fluctuations.

“From start to finish they have been very informative, transparent and have provided great service to my build. Even better the price is so affordable! I highly recommend them to anyone!!! Many thanks to HEPH! I now have a home that is aesthetically pleasing and love!”
S. Ling, Homeowner